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What Does Santa Claus Do On Easter?

Santa Claus and his wife Holly Claus began Easter morning by welcoming approximately 100 lucky children to an Easter egg hunt at North Pole City.  These kids were chosen by raffle from a pool of thousands. Those whose parents are members … Continue reading →...

Santa Claus vs The April Fool!

April Fool’s Day at North Pole City is merrier than usual as little Elfin pranksters run amok! The Enchanted Elves replace their normal winter tasseled hats with goofy jesters caps. These jolly jokers then perpetuate pranks and spread silly jokes … Continue reading →...

Do Babies Born On Christmas Possess Special Powers?

Those Lucky Enough To Have Christmas Birthdays Enjoy Special Abilities! Naturally sharing a birthday with Jesus Christ, the Demigod son of the Omniverse God, is a special thing! Christmas Day is also special because it was when the Demi-Angel Nicholas … Continue reading →...

What Does North Pole City Smell Like?

The Alluring Aromas Of Santa’s Sainted Sanctuary The minute you enter North Pole City the sweet scent alone inspires enchanted visions of all things Christmas. The redolence can vary depending on how close you are to any one source of … Continue reading →...

How Does Santa Claus Go Down The Chimney?

Our Father Christmas Santa Claus is known to enter homes on Christmas Eve via chimneys. Although in modern times many people no longer have fireplaces. Instead, we have a lot of furnace exhaust vents that a squirrel can barely fit … Continue reading →...

What Did Santa Claus Do On Saint Patrick’s Day?

Where Does Saint Patrick Physically Materialize On Earth On Saint Patrick’s Day Saint Nicholas, aka Santa Claus, & Mrs.Holly Claus along with their children, Nick, and Mary, traveled to the heart of Ireland to visit the secret stronghold of the Leprechaun’s.  Santa’s normally … Continue reading →...

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