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Goodbye Summer, Hello Christmas (well, sort of…)

The hot days and summer months are almost behind us which means there will soon be a crispness in the air and Fall will be here soon. As lovely as the long and languid days were, summer is always a very busy time for us here at American Christmas. Hmm… But Christmas is nowhere near summer… Most people look at us quizzically when we tell them that American Christmas is a year-round business, but it is. Many of our clients start working with us in January to begin planning their holiday lighting a...

Christmas spirit throughout the year

We’re entering the fifth month of the year and here at American Christmas, we’ve been thinking about one of the things we love most about Christmas and the holiday season: Christmas spirit. To us, the spirit of the season embodies the very best of humanity. People smile at strangers and wish them well. We become a little more giving, a little more conscious of how lucky we are and we share some of our luck with others. We become more generous, and we learn to enjoy the wonders of both giving and...

True Stories from an AC Supervisor in NYC

As one of many installation supervisors for American Christmas, I am constantly running around the boroughs of New York (and beyond) doing what we do best: bringing joy, wonder, and awe to all during the holiday season. We pride our install operations to be done quickly, efficiently, and leaving without a trace (except for the décor, of course!) That’s why I was so surprised to have been approached by an individual who recognized me from prior jobs past! My name is Frank Tobitsch, and I am a Des...

American Christmas Walking Tour - 2017

A few years ago, we created a walking tour in response to requests from friends and family who wanted to see our work. This tour is a pretty efficient guide to seeing a handful of our jobs, including several New York City highlights. Click Here to View PDF of Walking Tour...

American Christmas News

To Our Clients and Friends: My father, Marvin Schwam, founded American Christmas in 1968. He was an artist and entrepreneur who ultimately ran three companies. In 1988, at the age of 21 and a recent college graduate, I took over American Christmas and began my 29 year career as owner and CEO. I am incredibly proud of the reputation enjoyed by American Christmas. We have established ourselves as the premier holiday decorating firm in the United States and have done so with a wonderful staff of ta...

Jingle All the Way

My name is Alrick McLeod and I am a member of the American Christmas production team. This month’s movie theme is Jingle All the Way. Jingle All the Way is a movie about one person, Howard Langston, who is under pressure in pursuit of the ultimate Christmas gift for his child. And much like the lead character in the movie, the entire team at American Christmas also experiences pressure to perform our magic and create miracles in a short time frame. And of course, we always strive for perfe...