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Holly Holiday Gift Tags by kathy grimm

       Trim some Christmas gifts this year with these traditional holly gift tags. These come in both green and red versions. For personal, home use only.A printable of Christmas gift tags free from kathy grimm...

DIY a Paper Mache Bell

I used vintage looking wrapping paper to cover this plastic bell shape. The bell was made from a recycled fruit cup.       Here is a bit of an update to a classic kindergarten Christmas craft. In the past little ones have used paper cups for a similar bell shape. Ive replaced that material here with a sturdier recycled, plastic fruit cup. Dont forget to add the jingle-bell for sound! Supply List:scrap wrapping papermasking taperecycled bell shaped plastic food containerswire ...

Vintage German Beeswax Ornaments

       One of my girls purchased these small beeswax ornaments from an estate sale very near our home. These decorations were in a large flat box along with some papers saying they were from Germany. Germans often trimmed their feather trees with beeswax poured into Springerle cookie molds and then painted these with whatever sort of paint they had at hand.The wax here was dyed brown in order to imitate gingerbread. Then the ornaments were painted with trimming...

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bellsby L. Smith RING out, ye merry jingling bells! Clear and sweet your music swells On the crisp and wintry air. Sending echoes everywhere. The moon, her shining face aglow, Sends our shadows cross the snow; And as we swiftly skim along, I listen to the sleigh bells song. The bright stars watch us from the sky As our sleigh goes gliding by, Like an undulating wave Wherein my happy soul doth lave. Ring out, ye bells! Merrily ring! Oh, what pleasure you can bring! So Very joyous is your s...

DIY A Bauble Ornament Wreath

A Vintage inspired wreath is easy to assemble if you have plenty of baubles. It takes approximately 80 of these baublesto complete a full looking 14 inch sized wreath and this is a 16 to 18 inch one. Hannah used newer baubles for hercreation. She is a collector and could not bring herself to deface antique baubles with hot glue.         My younger daughter crafted this bauble wreath for our home last year and gave it to me for Christmas. So, this year it hung in our dini...

Traditional Gilded Walnut Ornaments

Traditional painted walnuts photographed outside on my patio moss. Next year I will include them on myGerman feather tree perhaps More than likely, my young ones will make off with them before I ever get a chance to use them!Above you can see the boxes I used to spraypaint my walnuts silver and gold in.        Painted walnuts are very traditional to the Victorian Christmas tree. These ornaments can look so very different depending on how you paint them and what...