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Handmade Felt Christmas Decorations

Looking for a quick and easy Christmas crafting idea These felt decorations are simple and affordable to make and you only need a few things to get started! Continue reading "Handmade Felt Christmas Decorations" at All Things Christmas. ...

My (not so) Secret Love of Christmas Hampers

Listen, I have a weakness, and that weakness is Gift Baskets, or as they call them here in the UK – Hampers. I don’t know if it’s the variety of tiny portioned products, or if it’s that they’re so closely associated with Christmas itself, but something about Christmas Hampers that I am (not so) secretly in love with. Continue reading "My (not so) Secret Love of Christmas Hampers" at All Things Christmas. ...

The Best Nerdy Christmas Jumpers

Now that Halloween is over, the countdown to Christmas has begun. You start thinking about Christmas shopping. you take advantages of your city’s festive events. Continue reading "The Best Nerdy Christmas Jumpers" at All Things Christmas. ...

Country Living Christmas Fair London 2018

Just a few mere weeks after moving to the UK in 2016 I found myself just a block from my new house at the Country Living Christmas Fair – and it helped me adjust to this new culture, and this new City. Continue reading "Country Living Christmas Fair London 2018" at All Things Christmas. ...

5 Ways to Ensure Winter is The Season of Family Joy 

With the winter weather approaching, it’s tempting to prepare for more time indoors while is calm and warm, especially as more extreme winter will become more common in some places. Continue reading "5 Ways to Ensure Winter is The Season of Family Joy " at All Things Christmas. ...

Family Christmas Photoshoot with Splento

All of our family portraits have always happened around Christmastime, it’s just so easy to get a few snaps of us, and then grab as many adorable Christmas themed photos of our daughter. Continue reading "Family Christmas Photoshoot with Splento" at All Things Christmas. ...