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  • Vintage Brass Pendants with Crosses

    Vintage Brass Pendants with Crosses
    18"" brown leather necklace with vintage brass finish coin pendants that have latin lettering on them. ACRUCESALUS - Salvation by or from the cross. ACTANONVERB...(more)

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  • Vintage Coin Pendants

    Vintage Coin Pendants
    18"" brown leather necklace with 2 vintage alloy coin pendants. The first coin is a penny with a cross imbedded and the second coin says USA forgiven....(more)

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  • Hope Cross

    Hope Cross
    This is a very simple, yet trendy choker. The 18"" adjustable black leather cord is knotted around a smooth pewter cross that has the word HOPE stamped onto it....(more)

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  • Multibeaded Cross Necklace

    Multibeaded Cross Necklace
    Perfect for the tween in your life. The 16"" multi-beaded necklace has the hip edgy look of today and nicely displays a sterling cross. Hand strung in Texas....(more)

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  • Macrame Choker with Cross

    Macrame Choker with Cross
    Adjustable macrame necklace adorned with a pewter cross and beads. The back of the cross has 2 Corinthians 12:10 cast into it. 'That is why, for Christ's sake, ...(more)

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  • Red Maltese Cross Choker

    Red Maltese Cross Choker
    This ever popular Iron Cross (as seen on TV) is the same as the Maltese Cross which is known within the church as symbolizing service. This simple cross is hung...(more)

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