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Theologian and religious broadcaster R.C. Sproul dies at 78

(RNS) — Sproul was known for his worldwide radio broadcast, Renewing Your Mind, as well as dozens of books, including Everyone’s a Theologian....

It’s time for a sexual counterrevolution

(RNS) — Thankfully, we can find in religions and secular ethics some powerful correctives to what is broken in sex culture today....

Everything you didn’t know about Christmas

(RNS) — Anything you think you know about Christmas is wrong, according to Judith Flanders. The historian is aiming to dispel some of those myths and misunderstandings in her new book, Christmas: A Biography....

A rediscovered latke recipe links generations beyond the grave

(RNS) — As I looked through my emails to find the one containing the recipe for Grammommy Rose’s latkes, I said a prayer. How fortunate am I that the internet gives me a connection to my history, my namesake, my ancestors and my Uncle Jeff...

Kids’ holiday books: Christ, candelabras — and critters

(RNS) — Some are clearly rooted in religious messages, while others focus on family, kindness and generosity in ways that may appeal to interfaith and secular families – and everyone else....

For Christian conservatives, it’s all about sex . . . and it’s been that way for a long time

Why has the Religious Right fixated on sex as the most important arbiter of morality Its about power, says historian Marie Griffith, whose new book is out this week....

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