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Menorah lightings planned around the world for Hanukkah

Hanukkah begins Tuesday night and lasts for eight days....

What’s in the hearts of millennials? You may be surprised.

Who would look to under-attended, off-the-beaten-path small churches or other religious gathering places for signs and signals about the larger issues in our culture...

On election eve, an Alabama Baptist church stands apart

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (RNS) — While Roy Moore’s brand of Christianity does not ordain women or allow LBGTQ people to serve in leadership positions, this Baptist church celebrates its female pastor and gay congregants. ...

Taxing the rich to help the poor? Here’s what the Bible says

(The Conversation) — While the Bible is clear about aiding the poor, it does not provide easy answers about taxing the rich. But even so, over the centuries biblical principles have provided an understanding on how to help the needy....

Influential Southern Baptist layman Paul Pressler subject of sex abuse suit

(RNS) — A lawyer representing parties in the case called it an attempt to extort money from the Pressler family and others....

The end of Hanukkah

(RNS) — A good Jew is no longer one who fights Hellenism but one who maintains a Jewish core within the multiple facets of his or her life. ...

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