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The ‘Splainer: Did a solar eclipse darken the skies during Jesus’ crucifixion?

(RNS) — From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over the whole land as Jesus was crucified, according the Gospel of Matthew. Was it caused by a solar eclipse Let us Splain ......

Signs and wonder: How people of different faiths view the total solar eclipse

(RNS) — On Monday, a solar eclipse will darken skies across the United States, crossing from coast to coast for the first time since 1918. Some people of faith see it as a sign warning of Gods judgment on America; others, as cause to wonder at the glory of God in creation....

Black clergy call for churches to foster healing in the aftermath of Charlottesville

(RNS) — Our youth and young adults especially need a place to process this assault on their being and the very soul of this nation, they said....

I hope they call you on a Mormon mission

The majority of returned Mormon missionaries say their mission was a positive experience -- even those who subsequently left the LDS Church....

The new Christian movement: Starting over after 2,000 years

A body of believers representing a growing Christian “remnant” movement, the Doctrine of Christ Conference announced today that a vote to canonize new scripture will be held at its upcoming conference on September 2-3, 2017. The culmination of tens of thousands of hours of ongoing volunteer effort to assemble an “open” canon of Christian scripture, both ancient and modern, this effort represents a bold move to embrace the expansive truth-seeking roots of original Christianity....

Religious advocates fast monthly in protest of budget cuts

(USA Today) — The group, organized by Bread for the World, which advocates for government food aid, intends to continue a monthly fast until the budget is finalized. ...

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