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Pastors and political choice

Readers who paint with broad brushes, skipping the subtleties, may come away from reading the survey tempted to paraphrase Emmett Groganís dictum that ďanything anybody can say about America[n religion] is true.Ē But, if they look closer up, they will find what astute politicians and marketers know: one cannot treat religion as a whole, but only in parts, as the Supreme Court regularly does....

Man arrested for smashing Ten Commandments monument at Arkansas Capitol

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Reuters) The suspect, identified as Michael Reed, faces three charges, including felony defacing an object of public interest....

The Supreme Courtís school playground decision is a dud

Because a majority wouldnt go along with Chief Justice Roberts analysis....

South African court bars schools from promoting any one religion

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) The Organization for Religious Education and Democracy had argued that it was in the interest of South Africas democracy that public schools not be allowed to favor a specific†religion....

Ten Commandments monument installed on Arkansas Capitol grounds

(USA Today) The American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas and other opponents have vowed to sue over the controversial display....

Last-ditch effort aims to fill State Department job combating anti-Semitism

WASHINGTON (RNS) Jewish and other human rights groups are lobbying Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to fill the job, created by Congress in 2004....

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