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  • Angel Playing Guitar

    Angel Playing Guitar
    Acoustic guitars have been in use for over a 1,000 years. This lovely ornament, carved of wood in Germany, depicts a tiny angel making heavenly music with her s...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Angel Playing Triangle

    Angel Playing Triangle
    Known to have been used in Medieval religious ceremonies, the triangle is a member of the percussion family. Our triangle playing cherub joins her other angelic...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Moon Angel Playing Harp

    Moon Angel Playing Harp
    Is there a more heavenly instrument than a harp? Perched atop a crescent moon and surrounded by stars, our tiny German- made angel lovingly plucks her harp's st...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Jumping Jack Reindeer

    Jumping Jack Reindeer
    This reindeer is ready to go out and dance! You can help him get started by gently pulling his string to make his arm and legs go up and down. He is dressed up ...(more)

    $11.50 More Details
  • Jumping Jack Lady Bug

    Jumping Jack Lady Bug
    This cute lady bug is ready to dance the jitterbug! Gently pull the string and her arms and legs will go up and down like she is doing jumping jacks. Complete w...(more)

    $11.50 More Details
  • Jumping Jack Santa Toy Shop

    Jumping Jack Santa Toy Shop
    Spruce up your Christmas d+â-¬cor with a unique German wood Santa ornament. Featuring a nut cracker and almost clown-like face, this hand-detailed Santa ornamen...(more)

    $11.50 More Details
  • Jumping Jack Frog

    Jumping Jack Frog
    Reminiscent of our old friend +óGé¼+ôKermit,+óGé¼n++ this adorable frog ornament is a great addition to any collection. Crafted from German wood and made exclus...(more)

    $11.50 More Details
  • Wooden Jumping Jack Santa

    Wooden Jumping Jack Santa
    Have a little fun with your Christmas decorations this season when you add a jumping jack Santa ornament to your tree! This ornament is made exclusively in Germ...(more)

    $11.50 More Details
  • Wooden Jumping Jack Reindeer

    Wooden Jumping Jack Reindeer
    Fun for everyone in the family, this jumping jack reindeer ornament makes the perfect gift for anyone who likes to decorate for Christmas. This hand-detailed re...(more)

    $11.50 More Details
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