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  • Campfire Couple

    Campfire Couple
    Give this Christmas ornament to someone special you are sharing Christmas with for the first time. This snowman couple is keeping warm by the campfire. With a c...(more)

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  • Black Bear Tree

    Black Bear Tree
    Looks like this black bear has found the perfect Christmas tree! He searched the woods in which he lives to find the best one. He is wearing his Santa hat and a...(more)

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  • 25th Wedding Anniversary

    25th Wedding Anniversary
    Twenty-five years of marriage is a wonderful cause for celebration! Let this ornament be a gift for a couple who are celebrating their silver anniversary. The c...(more)

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  • Sewing Machine

    Sewing Machine
    Working an intricate embroidery pattern on her sewing machine, your favorite seamstress makes clothes and costumes for the kids in the neighborhood and is very ...(more)

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  • Earrings Female

    Earrings Female
    For the lady in your life who won+GGt go anywhere without her jewelry, this earring ornament is a great gift. Crafted from polymer clay, this ornament feat...(more)

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  • Pregnant Female

    Pregnant Female
    She has a glow about her now that she is pregnant. She is thrilled to wear maternity clothes and be eating for two!...(more)

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  • School Girl

    School Girl
    Complete with backpack and books that won't fit, our charming schoolgirl is off to class....(more)

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  • Spa Female

    Spa Female
    For the lady in your life who likes to relax when she has the time, this +G+SPA+Gn++ ornament is the perfect gift. This whimsical ornament features a lad...(more)

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  • Breast Cancer Walk Participant

    Breast Cancer Walk Participant
    Join the fight against breast cancer with a unique ornament you can display any time of year. This ornament features a breast cancer walk participant all decked...(more)

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  • Best Friends Forever

    Best Friends Forever
    A best friend will always be there for you, no matter what. For the treasured childhood friend in your life who+GGs seen you through thick and thin, this +...(more)

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  • Playhouse for Boys

    Playhouse for Boys
    A boy+GGs playhouse is a special thing to him and his friends. A place that they can call their very own, unlike anywhere else in the world, this boy+GG...(more)

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  • Playhouse for Girls

    Playhouse for Girls
    Remember the days when you had your very own playhouse that was just for the girls? Relive the wonder years with this detailed and whimsical girls' playhouse or...(more)

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  • Mistletoe Santa and Mrs. Claus

    Mistletoe Santa and Mrs. Claus
    Are you standing under the mistletoe? Celebrate the season with everyone+GGs favorite holiday couple having a smooch with this adorable Christmas ornament....(more)

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  • Chess Game

    Chess Game
    With 64 black and white squares, a king and queen, two rooks, knights and bishops, and eight pawns, each with their own unique pattern of movement across the bo...(more)

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