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'Aquaman' Trailer Will Have You Dreaming Of A Wet Christmas

The Jason Momoa-led superhero flick opens in theaters Dec. 21....

Twitter Users React To Trump Touching Horse’s Butt As White House Christmas Tree Arrives

And it’s all because of a brief encounter between President Donald Trump and one of the horses pulling the carriage that carried the tree....

Elton John's Star Turn In John Lewis' 2018 Holiday Ad Misses The Mark For Many

The festive promo for British department store John Lewis has received a mixed response....

10 Cheap Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Cheap stocking stuffers for men, women and kids at Target, Walmart, Amazon and more....

Eric Trump's Attempt To Hawk Christmas Ornaments Leads To Holiday Jeers

Twitter critics are giving the new ornaments some brutal reviews....

'The Grinch' Brings Early Holiday Cheer To The Box Office

The animated family flick stole the weekend box office with $66 million....

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  • Snowman Face

    Snowman Face
    Frosty the snowman never looked this cute! Warm up to wintertime with a whimsical ceramic snowman ornament that+óGé¼Gäós fun, lightweight, and easy to hang on y...(more)

    $15.95 More Details
  • Turkey

    Gobble gobble! This whimsical miniature turkey ornament is one bird that doesn+óGé¼Gäót belong in your oven. Colorful with his blue, purple, red and orange arra...(more)

    $15.95 More Details
  • Ukulele

    Playing the ukulele is usually associated with music in the islands and tropical areas where people play and sing along to their favorite vacation tunes....(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Mandolin

    The mandolin can be either plucked or strummed like a guitar but its sound is so different and originally mandolins had six double courses, but mandolins today ...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Red Isolated Electric Guitar

    Red Isolated Electric Guitar
    An isolated electric guitar has a distinct look and being in a garage band with this guitar and getting gigs at clubs is a great way to start your rock star car...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Black Electric Guitar

    Black Electric Guitar
    This replica guitar is similar to one that John Lennon made famous when he played with The Beatles and then started his solo career that was cut short when he w...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Pink Acoustic Guitar

    Pink Acoustic Guitar
    For the female strummer in your life, this miniature bright pink acoustic guitar is the perfect gift. An exact replica of a full-size acoustic guitar, this guit...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Shoulder Synthesizer

    Shoulder Synthesizer
    Traditional keyboard players are limited in their range of movement on stage, but keytar players have this problem solved. Keyboard synthesizers include a shoul...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Electric Guitar

    Electric Guitar
    Hey, it may only be rock n roll, but YOU like it! Using silver pickups to convert the vibration from its six strings into an electric signal that sounds as funk...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Electric Violin

    Electric Violin
    At times considered experimental because it is less established than other electric instruments, the electric violin is a special musical instrument indeed. Wow...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Dulcimer

    For the folk musician in your family, this miniature Appalachian dulcimer is a real country treat. Just like the actual instrument, this tiny version is an exac...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Red Drum Set

    Red Drum Set
    Tune up and get ready to make some music! This miniature drum kit is just like the real thing, and comes complete with a bass drum, two tom-toms and a hi-hat cy...(more)

    $16.95 More Details
  • Red Snare Drum

    Red Snare Drum
    One of the most important drums in a drum kit, the snare drum seems to be in a league of its own. Give the percussionist in your life something to really smile ...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Acoustic Bass Guitar

    Acoustic Bass Guitar
    This classic bass acoustic guitar ornament looks just like the real thing! The four strings are attached to the metal tuning pegs at the top, and the saddle an...(more)

    $13.95 More Details
  • Piccolo

    The piccolo is an instrument in the flute family. It is a half-size flute and a member of the woodwind family of musical instruments. Although similar to the ...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Piano

    An upright piano is what most people start out playing on and most music teachers use one of these in a school....(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Electric Guitar

    Electric Guitar
    Playing an electric guitar in a garage band or up on stage as the opening band for a rock group is a dream for many a guitar player....(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Classic Guitar

    Classic Guitar
    Learning how to play guitar is a skill that will last you a lifetime and is a great skill for a singalong party....(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Grand Piano  Black

    Grand Piano Black
    A grand piano is a beautiful piece of furniture in your living room and has a sound that resonates for singing Christmas carols....(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Violin

    A Suzuki violin is a treasured heirloom and this violin can be a wonderful present for a gifted player or a beginner....(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Bass

    An upright bass is the soul of the orchestra or symphony and learning to read bass sheet music is like learning a language....(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Cello

    Cello music carries the undertones of the melody and is an essential instrument in a symphonic production....(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Harp

    The harp is a beautiful instrument whose music flows into your ears and reminds you of angels on high....(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Banjo

    Going to a square dance barn party, you can certainly find a banjo player or a dueling banjo duo....(more)

    $12.95 More Details
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