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  • Accountant

    If your business is making a profit, you ought to be thanking your accountant. After all, they+GGre the ones who keep everything running smoothly in the fi...(more)

    $9.50 More Details
  • Marine Mom

    Marine Mom
    +G+A ship without Marines is like a garment without buttons,+Gn++ and a Marine without their Mom is like a house without a foundation. Give the biggest s...(more)

    $10.95 More Details
  • Army Mom

    Army Mom
    Military moms are strong and stand behind their sons and daughters in the military, no matter what. For the woman who has supported you through the hardest of t...(more)

    $10.95 More Details
  • Air Force Mom

    Air Force Mom
    Air Force Moms help you fly, fight and win to the best of your abilities. These supportive ladies are there when you need them the most and stick with you, no m...(more)

    $10.95 More Details
  • Navy Mom

    Navy Mom
    +G+When asked what I am most proud of, I stick out my chest, hold my head high and state proudly, I served in the United States+-Navy! Every son and daugh...(more)

    $10.95 More Details
  • Tool Box

    Tool Box
    He takes great care of his tools and doesn't let them get rusty. His tool box is part of his confidence that allows him to be the master of his domain in the sh...(more)

    $11.95 More Details
  • Tool Belt

    Tool Belt
    When he puts on his tool belt you know he is going out to do some serious home improvement work. Armed with all of his weapons of choice, he is a Mr. Fix It for...(more)

    $11.95 More Details
  • Home Improvement

    Home Improvement
    Whether your idea of a home improvement guy is Tim Allen or Tommy Silva, one of these ornament collections would make an ideal way to wish them a Merry Christma...(more)

    $11.95 More Details
  • Kindergarten Picture Frame Ornament

    Kindergarten Picture Frame Ornament
    Commemorate your kindergartener+GGs first big year at school with this A,B,C and 1,2,3 photo frame ornament. Learning to read and to count like the big boy...(more)

    $11.95 More Details
  • World's Greatest Teacher Apple

    World's Greatest Teacher Apple
    For the teacher who made a difference in your child+GGs life, give them a gift they can display with pride any time of year. The educator in your family wi...(more)

    $13.95 More Details
  • Road Construction Worker

    Road Construction Worker
    This road construction worker is on the job wearing his orange vest, yellow hard hat and carrying his shovel. His brown work boots will protect him from the hea...(more)

    $13.95 More Details
  • Business Woman

    Business Woman
    Since she has to commute to her office by foot, this business woman is carrying her red heels and wearing her walking shoes. She is dressed in her grey business...(more)

    $13.95 More Details
  • Business Man

    Business Man
    With his sleeves rolled up, his tie loosened and his sport coat off, this businessman is ready to call it a day. He is wearing black dress shoes, a red power ti...(more)

    $13.95 More Details
  • Army Female

    Army Female
    Ready to take on the toughest land-based military operation, this army woman ornament will make any female solider proud. Made carefully from resin, this orname...(more)

    $13.95 More Details
  • Army Male

    Army Male
    Standing at attention and ready to salute your tree, this army man ornament is the perfect gift for the brave army officer in your family. Complete with army fa...(more)

    $13.95 More Details
  • Broken Arm Female

    Broken Arm Female
    Her trip to the hospital for a X-ray has concluded that she has a broken arm. Set in a cast, her arm will soon be ready for action! She has a smile on her face...(more)

    $13.95 More Details
  • Manicurist

    This Christmas ornament is the perfect gift to give to your favorite manicurist. She is the one that you visit at least once a month to make sure your nails loo...(more)

    $13.95 More Details
  • Nurse, EMT, or Physician Assistant Female

    Nurse, EMT, or Physician Assistant Female
    Caring for her patients and assisting the doctor in any way she can, this female nurse is waiting to check your blood pressure and take your temperature to make...(more)

    $13.95 More Details
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