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Ecolog Bakes Some Christmas Cheer

As we tirelessly prepare for Christmas wrapping gifts, visiting family and friends, cooking the turkey it can be easy to forget that a lot of people will be spending Christmas away from their families this festive season. Continue reading "Ecolog Bakes Some Christmas Cheer" at All Things Christmas. ...

Babys First Christmas

This year has been a rather exciting one for us, 2018 has brought us a brand new, beautiful family member. Odette Edith was born on the 27th October, just in time to celebrate Christmas for the very first time. Continue reading "Baby’s First Christmas" at All Things Christmas. ...

Top 8 Christmas Events & Concerts in the USA

One of the best ways to celebrate the Holidays, and most common days out during the Christmas Season is to go see a Christmas Show, Play or Concert. Continue reading "Top 8 Christmas Events & Concerts in the USA" at All Things Christmas. ...

How to Wrap (almost) anything for Christmas

So, have you even started all your shopping Or maybe you’re one of the organised ones and you’ve actually finished The best part of the gift-giving season (besides all the happy faces on Christmas morning of course) for me, is wrapping the Christmas gifts. Continue reading "How to Wrap (almost) anything for Christmas" at All Things Christmas. ...

Perfect gifts for Health and Fitness enthusiasts

You may have some friends or family members who love looking after their health, love cooking healthy meals and keeping active to stay healthy. If you dont share the same passion it may not be all that easy to find that perfect gift for them for Christmas but dont worry, there are many suitable gifts to choose from. Continue reading "Perfect gifts for Health and Fitness enthusiasts" at All Things Christmas. ...

Spookiest Santas from Around the World

While most Santa Claus figures are jolly, happy souls there happen to be several countries that feature more sinister-type Christmas Characters. Here is a series of festive cards featuring of some of the more odd, interesting and outright Spooky ‘Santas’ that are common in a few countries around the world courtesy of If you plan on visiting Germany or Austria, keep an eye out for one of the most famous Spooky Christmas folklore legends: Krampus (Knecht Reprecht) Germa...

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  • Fantastic Spinner

    Fantastic Spinner
    Rev the spinner, drip the paint, and watch the colors create a vibrant work of art! It's kid-powered excitement. Kids control the creating. A great toy for c...(more)

    $25.95 More Details
  • My First Sewing Kit

    My First Sewing Kit
    Sew your own stuff! A stuffed animal, notebook cover and more becomes possible with My First Sewing Kit! Pins, scissors, patterns, needles... everything you nee...(more)

    $29.95 More Details
  • Tutu Cute

    Tutu Cute
    Little ballerinas get to create their very own personal tutu without the frustration of sewing needles or scissors. Just wrap colorful strips of tulle and ribb...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Color a Memo Board - Peace & Love

    Color a Memo Board - Peace & Love
    How cool will your room be with a groovy memo board! Your personality will shine through when you color it in your favorite colors. Combines creativity with im...(more)

    $12.60 More Details
  • So Many Headbands

    So Many Headbands
    So Many Headbands says it all G 10 fun headbands! 8 satin and 2 stretchy headbands to decorate with 7 ribbons, 8 fabric flowers, 6 tulle pieces, 86 sticky gem...(more)

    $25.95 More Details
  • All Duct Out

    All Duct Out
    Limited only by your imagination, create hot new fashions such as belts, jewelry, purses, headbands, rings, glasses and more! Easy to make G just tear, stick ...(more)

    $22.40 More Details
  • Tots Art Start

    Tots Art Start
    Start exploring your toddler's artistic side! ThereGs no correct way to do these projects G whatever your toddler creates is right! The Tots Art Start is ...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Art Box

    Art Box
    Markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, water colors, drawing pencils, a ruler, sharpener... draw, color, paint and create. The art box is what every budding ar...(more)

    $45.68 More Details
  • My Art Spinner

    My Art Spinner
    This spinning art center will bring your paint to life, spinning it out in concentric circles and star-burst pattern lines! Make greeting cards, photo frames, ...(more)

    $28.95 More Details
  • Little Loom

    Little Loom
    This unique, portable little handheld loom lets you easily weave all kinds of unique creations while watching TV, on a car trip, at a sleepover, waiting in the ...(more)

    $17.29 More Details
  • DIY Knot-A-Shark

    DIY Knot-A-Shark
    Following the simple instructions, young seamstresses simply tie together all the strings lining the edges of each section until they're left with a fun and fun...(more)

    $25.95 More Details
  • DIY Knot-A-Mermaid

    DIY Knot-A-Mermaid
    Following the simple instructions, young seamstresses simply tie together all the strings lining the edges of each section until they're left with a beautiful m...(more)

    $25.95 More Details
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