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Handmade Felt Christmas Decorations

Looking for a quick and easy Christmas crafting idea These felt decorations are simple and affordable to make and you only need a few things to get started! Continue reading "Handmade Felt Christmas Decorations" at All Things Christmas. ...

My (not so) Secret Love of Christmas Hampers

Listen, I have a weakness, and that weakness is Gift Baskets, or as they call them here in the UK – Hampers. I don’t know if it’s the variety of tiny portioned products, or if it’s that they’re so closely associated with Christmas itself, but something about Christmas Hampers that I am (not so) secretly in love with. Continue reading "My (not so) Secret Love of Christmas Hampers" at All Things Christmas. ...

The Best Nerdy Christmas Jumpers

Now that Halloween is over, the countdown to Christmas has begun. You start thinking about Christmas shopping. you take advantages of your city’s festive events. Continue reading "The Best Nerdy Christmas Jumpers" at All Things Christmas. ...

Country Living Christmas Fair London 2018

Just a few mere weeks after moving to the UK in 2016 I found myself just a block from my new house at the Country Living Christmas Fair – and it helped me adjust to this new culture, and this new City. Continue reading "Country Living Christmas Fair London 2018" at All Things Christmas. ...

5 Ways to Ensure Winter is The Season of Family Joy 

With the winter weather approaching, it’s tempting to prepare for more time indoors while is calm and warm, especially as more extreme winter will become more common in some places. Continue reading "5 Ways to Ensure Winter is The Season of Family Joy " at All Things Christmas. ...

Family Christmas Photoshoot with Splento

All of our family portraits have always happened around Christmastime, it’s just so easy to get a few snaps of us, and then grab as many adorable Christmas themed photos of our daughter. Continue reading "Family Christmas Photoshoot with Splento" at All Things Christmas. ...

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  • Goodnight Football

    Goodnight Football
    As little quarterbacks and linemen work their way through each vibrant page, they're transported through an adventure at a big and beautiful football game. Ope...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Goodnight Baseball

    Goodnight Baseball
    As little batters, pitchers, and home-run hitters work their way through each vibrant page, they'll discover all kinds of bright, beautiful scenes that each gui...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Goodnight Soccer

    Goodnight Soccer
    As little captains, strikers, and goalkeepers work their way through each vibrant page, they'll discover all kinds of bright, beautiful scenes that each guide t...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Goodnight Hockey

    Goodnight Hockey
    As little hockey fans make their way through each vibrant page, they'll discover all kinds of bright, beautiful scenes that each guide them through a little boy...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Book-O-Beards - A Wearable Book

    Book-O-Beards - A Wearable Book
    Each spread presents another type of beard to try on. Just hold it to your face with your nose resting on the little cutout at the top. The Lumber Jack, the P...(more)

    $7.95 More Details
  • Recycled Science

    Recycled Science
    Throughout this fascinating collection of experiments, kids will learn to turn old chip bags, milk jugs, cardboard tubes, and more into all sorts of amazing gad...(more)

    $9.95 More Details
  • Too Many Carrots

    Too Many Carrots
    Too many carrots? No such thing, says Rabbit - Even after his burrow is so packed with carrots he can't fit inside. Maybe one of his friends will have a place...(more)

    $7.95 More Details
  • We Just Had A Baby

    We Just Had A Baby
    Throughout this playfully illustrated book, an older brother gets to know his new little sister - Even though it wasn't his idea. Help your little one discover...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Bears Make The Best Reading Buddies

    Bears Make The Best Reading Buddies
    With each page, kids discover more and more great points as to why a bear would be a great reading buddy - Plus (shhhh!) they'll also learn a few helpful tips f...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Planet Kindergarten

    Planet Kindergarten
    Children boldly go where they've never gone before as they follow along with a young astronaut's journey to the mysterious Planet Kindergarten....(more)

    $7.99 More Details
  • Mix It Up!

    Mix It Up!
    Herve Tullet is back with another book to get kids learning through touch. Rub here to mix red with blue, blue with yellow, and yellow with red. Tilt, touch, ...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • This Book is a Planetarium

    This Book is a Planetarium
    Defying every expectation of what a book can be, this pop-up extravaganza transforms into six fully functional tools: a real working planetarium projecting the ...(more)

    $36.95 More Details
  • Guess Which Hand

    Guess Which Hand
    Throughout the book, interactive wheels hide ladybugs, flowers, fish, and more under paws, hats, seashells, and tails. Turn the wheel to reveal which item to l...(more)

    $10.95 More Details
  • Dress Me Up!

    Dress Me Up!
    Flip through the 3 sets of patterned pages on the right side to decide the perfect combination and then flip them over so they rest beneath the clothes of the c...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Tickle Monster Laughter Kit

    Tickle Monster Laughter Kit
    Here's everything you need to bring lovable Tickle Monster to life for your kids with the Tickle Monster Laughter Kit....(more)

    $33.95 More Details
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