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  • Brain Cube

    Brain Cube
    Cognitive clout is put to the test with this crazy cubic conundrum! The 3D foam puzzle pieces interlock to lie flat, or to build into a cube. Can you cube it?...(more)

    $2.95 More Details
  • Tangle Jr. Fuzzies

    Tangle Jr. Fuzzies
    It has a fuzzy, soft feel while retaining all of the flexibility of the original Tangle Jr. Pick it up and your fingers can't stop twisting and bending it in a...(more)

    $3.95 More Details
  • Gift Card Maze

    Gift Card Maze
    Lift the lid, remove the anti-locking tab, place the gift card inside the maze, and then lock it shut. - In order to get the card back out, the recipient must g...(more)

    $4.95 More Details
  • Math Dice

    Math Dice
    With Math Dice, young mathematicians discover the amazing flexibility of math as they creatively combine numbers to solve for random target numbers. Whoever ca...(more)

    $5.95 More Details
  • Jeliku

    The Jeliku is a colorful wonder! Unfold the squares to form endless geometric shapes, designs, animals, heart, pen holder and only you know what else. Who knew...(more)

    $5.95 More Details
  • World's Smallest Rubik's Cube

    World's Smallest Rubik's Cube
    What has six colors and holds secrets of engineering, algebra, and geometry? What is small enough to fit in your pocket and difficult enough that many people g...(more)

    $6.95 More Details
  • Professors' Puzzle Club - Letter Scrambling

    Professors' Puzzle Club - Letter Scrambling
    A wooden brainteaser puzzle featuring the letters A through H and challenging you to place them on a patterned game board so that no consecutive letters can tou...(more)

    $7.50 More Details
  • Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder
    Mesmerize your eyes and your hands with the original, American-made Jacob's Ladder! Hold the top block by its edges and let the rest of the identical blocks sw...(more)

    $7.95 More Details
  • Flexi Puzzle

    Flexi Puzzle
    Each of these 12 colorful cubes moves in every direction. Pull out the challenge book and get flexing. With 80 different puzzles to solve and 4 levels of diffi...(more)

    $7.95 More Details
  • Manifold

    Each of the one-hundred paper puzzles are printed with a design of black and white squares and triangles. It's up to you to fold each puzzle so that you end up...(more)

    $7.95 More Details
  • Math Dice Jr.

    Math Dice Jr.
    Introducing MathDice Jr., the perfect complement to ThinkFun's ever-popular MathDice!...(more)

    $7.95 More Details
  • Brain Quest Grade 4

    Brain Quest Grade 4
    Smart, fresher, better than ever. Completely revised and updated to reflect the latest school standards, Brain Quest is the fast-paced educational bestseller t...(more)

    $8.39 More Details
  • Money Maze Bank

    Money Maze Bank
    Drop your coins and bills into the slot at the top of the box - Just like any other desktop money bank. Then, once you're ready to make a withdrawal, you've go...(more)

    $9.95 More Details
  • Q-bitz Solo - Orange

    Q-bitz Solo - Orange
    Recreate the patterns on each of the twenty pattern cards using the set of sixteen wooden cubes. Time yourself and see just how fast you can go. Refine your v...(more)

    $9.95 More Details
  • Fun Water Game - Dolphin

    Fun Water Game - Dolphin
    Instant fun. Just add water. Push the buttons and watch the balls and rings flutter up and around inside the aquarium. The talented sea animals inside need y...(more)

    $9.95 More Details
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