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  • LEGO City Jungle Buggy

    LEGO City Jungle Buggy
    Build an off-road buggy and a mysterious jungle statue! The explorer has finally found the long lost crystal of the ancient LEGO City. But then G Oh no! A ...(more)

    $6.99 More Details
  • LEGO City Police - Off-Road Chase

    LEGO City Police - Off-Road Chase
    Build a police motorcycle and a secret mountainside hiding spot! Wait for the criminal to show up and retrieve the stolen loot that's been hidden away in the h...(more)

    $6.99 More Details
  • Nanoblock Hedgehog

    Nanoblock Hedgehog
    Build a micro-sized model of a hedgehog snuffling around with short quills! Hedgehogs are curious and love to explore at night. This build features tiny beige...(more)

    $7.00 More Details
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