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  • Butterfly Automata Kit

    Butterfly Automata Kit
    This quality collection of laser-cut wood pieces challenges the mind as makers young and old piece them together into a mechanical work of art. Cranks, gears, ...(more)

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  • Fabulous Flyers

    Fabulous Flyers
    Build and fly these retro-style prop plane models! Build the Tiger Moth Bi-Plane with its distinctive dual wings from the 1930s Royal Air Force. Build the Boein...(more)

    $22.50 More Details
  • Tinker Totter Robots Set

    Tinker Totter Robots Set
    Kids will be abuzz with creative excitement as they mix, match, and stack these robots any way they want! Handcrafted from sustainable rubber wood and featurin...(more)

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  • Brackitz Inventor 170 Piece Set

    Brackitz Inventor 170 Piece Set
    Unique, connect-anywhere Brackitz attach to traditional planks at any angle, enabling builders of all ages to construct everything from small-scale builds to la...(more)

    $99.99 More Details
  • Velociraptor & Pterosaur

    Velociraptor & Pterosaur
    Kids love the fact that this dinosaur kit has SO MANY feel-good foam pieces. Velociraptor and the Pterosaur can be built together, battle against one another, ...(more)

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  • Robot Invasion

    Robot Invasion
    Assemble robot models by following kid-friendly instructions, or concoct your own creations by mixing and matching, rotating and stacking. Bloco's foam pieces ...(more)

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  • Ankylosaur & Young Raptors

    Ankylosaur & Young Raptors
    Foam construction is on rise!. An Akylosaur and two Young Raptors are built again and again as kids tromp off into the thrilling world of imagination and buildi...(more)

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  • Ogre & Monsters

    Ogre & Monsters
    Kids jump right into wacky construction fun. Create big belly ogres, scary monsters, and two-faced creatures. These four harmless beasts bring imaginations ro...(more)

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  • T-Rex & Triceratops

    T-Rex & Triceratops
    200 sturdy foam pieces and plastic connectors build into a T-Rex and Triceratops, Or... ANYTHING you can imagine! A ghoulish, claw-footed monster. A sharp-too...(more)

    $32.95 More Details
  • Build Your Own Superheros

    Build Your Own Superheros
    Following the illustrated instructions, kids get to transform this huge collection of uniquely designed foam parts and connectors into three exciting superhero ...(more)

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  • Cyclone Roller Coaster

    Cyclone Roller Coaster
    Using the open-ended creativity of standard interlocking bricks, kids have an easy time of snapping together the sturdy structure and flexible tracks of the Cyc...(more)

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  • ZigZoids - Multicolor

    ZigZoids - Multicolor
    Each of the twelve trapezoidal shapes features a slot along each edge. Slide them into each other's slots any which way you want to build anything you want. I...(more)

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  • Whacky Wheels Kit

    Whacky Wheels Kit
    The Circuit Cubes connect via either the built-in magnets, stacking, or simple snap-on wires. Set them up on the interlocking brick chassis so the motor is con...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Cyber Robot

    Cyber Robot
    Kids feel like real engineers as they fit together all the different parts, connect the wires, and set up the circuit board. Then, download the free app to sta...(more)

    $54.95 More Details
  • Evolution Robot

    Evolution Robot
    Following along with the illustrated manual, kids learn about basic robotics engineering as they carefully fit each of the motors, parts, and circuits perfectly...(more)

    $89.95 More Details
  • Magic Penny Magnet Kit

    Magic Penny Magnet Kit
    With two EXTREMELY powerful magnets and thirty-two freshly minted British pennies, you get to build forty-four astounding feats of magnetism that even the world...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
  • Leonardo DaVinci Kits - Paddle Boat

    Leonardo DaVinci Kits - Paddle Boat
    Using the 24 snap-together pieces, young scientists, engineers, inventors, and explorers will get to feel just like the master as they build an amazingly detail...(more)

    $13.93 More Details
  • Robotic Arm - Edge

    Robotic Arm - Edge
    Robotics action becomes fun for all with a kit that's exciting to build, easy to control, and packed with real mechanical movement. An extensive range of motio...(more)

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  • Deluxe Eco Robotics

    Deluxe Eco Robotics
    Engineer 14 moving, rolling, and swimming robots! The process educates and fascinates the mind! Create a dog-bot, crawling turtle-bot, wheel bot, boat bot, ro...(more)

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  • Hydraulic Arm Edge Robot Kit

    Hydraulic Arm Edge Robot Kit
    Following along with the vividly illustrated instructions, beginner engineers both young and old have a blast piecing together each of the 229 parts until final...(more)

    $56.95 More Details
  • EM4 Robot Kit

    EM4 Robot Kit
    Following along with the detailed instructions, kids get to learn just how much a simple motor and gears are capable of as they piece together for unique robots...(more)

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  • STEM Pulley Drives

    STEM Pulley Drives
    Learn how Pulley drives can be used to transfer force with reduced friction and how they can increase force or speed at amazing levels. Pulleys have been used f...(more)

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  • STEM Cams and Cranks

    STEM Cams and Cranks
    Learn how you can transmit power using Cams and Cranks and how they can be used to convert reciprocal to linear motion. Discover how these mechanisms are crucia...(more)

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  • STEM Gears and Worm Drives

    STEM Gears and Worm Drives
    Learn how Gears can easily reduce or increase speed, change force or transfer motion from one position to another. Discover how Worm drives are used to greatly ...(more)

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