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  • Matchbox Boat Puzzle

    Matchbox Boat Puzzle
    Small enough to fit into a matchbox yet beautifully and precisely crafted, this wooden 3D boat puzzle lets bored fingers get busy as they try to fit each piece ...(more)

    $2.98 More Details
  • Pencil Cup 3D Organizer - 54 pc

    Pencil Cup 3D Organizer - 54 pc
    Find and snap together the sturdy, numbered pieces. Then, insert the included compartment to create a utility cup perfect for pens, pencils, art supplies, and ...(more)

    $3.75 More Details
  • LEGO Mixels - Series 7

    LEGO Mixels - Series 7
    Series Seven features three fun new tribes: the MCPD, the Medivals, and the Mixies. The MCPD are the over-zealous police department Mixels out to protect and se...(more)

    $4.61 More Details
  • Koontz The Mangonel

    Koontz The Mangonel
    Assemble this medieval siege engine while learning the physics of trajectory and tension! The small winch-style catapult will pique your historical curiosity!...(more)

    $8.97 More Details
  • LEGO Creator - Super Soarer

    LEGO Creator - Super Soarer
    Build a super soarer, a futuristic jet, and a classic airplane, all with this one thrilling construction set! The super soarer features adjustable wings while ...(more)

    $8.99 More Details
  • Penguin Micro Matryoshka

    Penguin Micro Matryoshka
    Pop open the penguin; a penguin slightly smaller nests inside. Keep opening penguins until you come to a teeny-tiny penguin. Nesting penguins are a waddle of ...(more)

    $8.99 More Details
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