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  • Grow 'n Glow Terrarium

    Grow 'n Glow Terrarium
    Plant a little garden and watch it grow - and glow! Potting soil, sand, river rock, layer up your new terrarium. Press in the seeds, stick stickers to the out...(more)

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  • Brew It Yourself Caveman Cola

    Brew It Yourself Caveman Cola
    With all natural ingredients and a little chemistry magic, it's easy for kids and adults to create gallons of delicious, naturally carbonated soda, right in the...(more)

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  • Dinosaur Plant

    Dinosaur Plant
    Simply add water and watch as this dried up ball of foliage unfurls and grows into a beautifully vibrant evergreen. Keep it watered or let it dry out again - I...(more)

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  • Science Tech Worm Habitat

    Science Tech Worm Habitat
    Ever wonder what life is like in the ground beneath your feet? With this unique container and set of colorful sands, you can find out by creating your own eart...(more)

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  • Butterfly Garden

    Butterfly Garden
    Watch caterpillars become butterflies right before your very eyes! With this special mesh habitat and detailed instructions, it's easy and fun to care for your...(more)

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  • Ladybug Land

    Ladybug Land
    A metamorphosis kit for ladybugs! Watch nature work its magic as you see ladybugs change from cute little larvae into adult beetles in their own Ladybug Land. ...(more)

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  • 4M Solar Robot

    4M Solar Robot
    Learn how to make a moving robot using solar panels and a motor....(more)

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  • 4M Lemon Clock

    4M Lemon Clock
    When life gives you lemons, make a clock! Kids put zinc and copper electrodes into the lemon. The lemon, zinc and copper combine in a chemical reaction and cr...(more)

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  • Deluxe Root Viewer

    Deluxe Root Viewer
    Have you ever wondered what a carrot looks like growing in the ground? It's wondrous to watch root systems develop - supporting the plant above, providing nutr...(more)

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