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  • Pet Tornado

    Pet Tornado
    Funny thing... once you swirl a Pet Tornado, you have to do it again (...and again... and again...) Nature's most destructive force can be observed and enjoyed...(more)

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  • Jumbo Magnifier

    Jumbo Magnifier
    Observe on a grand scale with our extra-large magnifiers, sized perfectly for small hands. Supports life science explorations as children observe plants, anima...(more)

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  • 4M Moon Torch

    4M Moon Torch
    Display the full moon using this Moon Torch flashlight! The adjustable lens helps focus the moon as you shine it around. Control the Earth's satellite and enj...(more)

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  • Gravity Goo

    Gravity Goo
    Gravity Goo brings you 15 fun experiments with fascinating polymers. Experiment with gravity-defying goo, Clear Spheres, Garbled Marbles, fizzing tablets. You...(more)

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  • Meteorite Dig Kit

    Meteorite Dig Kit
    Excavate a solid brick of soil to find a real meteorite! Break through the surface with the chisel. Sweep away the debris with the brush. Then, use the adven...(more)

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  • Lightning Dig Kit

    Lightning Dig Kit
    Shockingly unique, kids get to actually excavate two examples of real fulgurites, also known as the impact glass that forms when lightning strikes the ground. ...(more)

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