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Santa's Reindeer in Day 2 of High Jump

The top four reindeer from yesterdays first round, Vixen, Donder, Blitzen and Cupid, will compete in todays second round....

Santa's Reindeer Start High Jump

Usually the high jump is a warm weather event, but our reindeer have many talents and many abilities, and jumping in the ice and snow is one of the them!...

Race for Gold Medal in the Luge

Today we have the gold medal race in the Luge, where Dasher and Comet will race in the final round....

Reindeer Compete in 2nd Round of Luge

The Luge is a difficult and challenging event for the reindeer, who must race down a very icy and slick track in a very small sled and race as fast as they can....

Luge Round One

For the first time in the history of the Reindeer Games, our famous Great Eight will compete in the Luge!...

Cupid, Dancer Going for Gold

The Ice Palace is packed today for the final round of the Figure Skating event....

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  • Mini Automoblox S-9/C9/T9 - 3 pack

    Mini Automoblox S-9/C9/T9 - 3 pack
    3 Automoblox Minis in Combo Pack 2. Lovely contemporary style, brilliant interchangeable parts. The epitome of good taste. Sleek lines, smooth action, vibrant c...(more)

    $27.95 More Details
  • Mini C9p Sportcar

    Mini C9p Sportcar
    These mini wooden toy cars are the epitome of good taste, bringing build-and-play fascination to boys, girls, and even adults! Beautiful design and durability....(more)

    $7.99 More Details
  • Automoblox X9 Fire SUV

    Automoblox X9 Fire SUV
    Speed to the fire before it even starts! State of the art Automoblox design. Huge rims, tough tires, smooth wood, and a utilitarian design with an emphasis on...(more)

    $29.25 More Details
  • BathTime Baby - Frog

    BathTime Baby - Frog
    Unwrap the fleece frog-themed robe to see a swimsuit of green, purple, blue, and orange. Hop into the water, then splish, splash, and ribbet your way to fun. ...(more)

    $38.95 More Details
  • BathTime Baby - Owl

    BathTime Baby - Owl
    Remove baby doll's darling owl cover up to find a fun surprise. Dolly's body is printed with a pink polka dot swimsuit! Completely water friendly, this dolly ...(more)

    $35.95 More Details
  • PlayTime Baby - Little Prince

    PlayTime Baby - Little Prince
    It's a royal treat to cuddle with this sweet baby doll. Dress and undress Little Prince. He happily sucks his thumb or sips his bottle. With precious details...(more)

    $35.95 More Details
  • PlayTime Baby - Floral Romper

    PlayTime Baby - Floral Romper
    Dressed up in an adorable romper covered in bright, vibrant flowers, this little friend is ready for endless playtime fun. Her hair is soft and smooth, her ski...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • Mixxie Pony

    Mixxie Pony
    Dress up and mix up this adorable, funky pony with her button-on legs. She's got a tutu that's pink and glittery, a necklace with a flower charm, and even bett...(more)

    $27.89 More Details
  • TravelTime Fairy Play Set

    TravelTime Fairy Play Set
    This unique travel trailer play set features a front door that opens, an open window with ribbon blinds, plus an adorable plush fairy doll for bring it all to l...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
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